We keen to make our educational stories purposeful, distinguished, attractive and respectful of the child's mind and spirit. You will find that each story has a different educational goal with a distinctive color-rich and beautiful graphics production for the child to come out with the necessary knowledge. For example, from the story “Moon’s Children”, a child learns Hijri months, from the story “Between me and Dad”, the child learns the stages of Omrah, and from the story “A Friend from the Sea”, the child learns thinking skills. While Rhymes series develops linguistic and auditory intelligence and “I am a Believer” series focuses on knowing the Creator Allah Almighty.

We care that our stories educational educational purpose distinctive and attractive respect the mind and spirit of the child, you find that each story a different educational target focused on the output of a distinctive full of color and beautiful drawings to leave the child with the necessary knowledge, for example the sons of the moon learn the months of the Hijra, And a friend from the sea to learn the skills of thinking, but the string rhymes grow linguistic and auditory intelligence while the series I am a believer focused on the knowledge of the Creator Almighty.

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