Our Goals:

  • To save the time of the teacher, we produce ready-made, well-thought-out and high-quality methods for him.
  • Producing high quality paper and digital resources on various topics in early childhood education.
  • Develop quality digital material that the teacher can use, accessible via YouTube and multiple channels.

Our Identity:

For a capable, conscious and empowered educator.

Our Mission

Empowering early childhood educators at home and at school.

One reference name intended for teachers and early childhood educators, to obtain specific ready-made resources and ideas that facilitate the educational and educational process for them.

We work to educate and educate easier…. And the happiest childhood

"Educators" A publishing and electronic and paper distribution house founded in 2002 AD - 1422 AH, and specialized in publishing educational content and preparing educational publications, directed to early childhood teachers and educators, kindergarten and the primary stage. The magazine was well known for its practical activities and topics touching on the educator's diary.

Bareed Al Muallim Magazine It was distributed throughout the Arab world, Malaysia and America and received many certificates of thanks and praise, until it stopped in 2012, with a plan to turn into digital, so that the house invests its educational expertise in more diverse publications, and the production of educational programs, stories and procedural guides.

Published "Educators" Today, there are more than 65 issues of books, stories, programs and educational aids, 70 issues of the Teacher’s Post magazine, five issues of Activities Mail magazine, and a number of magazines and books for the benefit of governmental and private bodies and bodies such as the Riyadh Municipality and Civil Defense and the Ministry of Education…, the publications of the House varied between stories For children, educational books and procedural guides, “Educators” also translated educational references for kindergarten teachers.

Our Values:

Thanking: “if you are grateful, He is pleased with you”. (7) Azzumor Soura

Benevolence: “And say: "Work (righteousness): Soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger, and the Believers”. (105) Attawba Soura

Benefit: “while that which is for the good of mankind remains on the earth”. (17) Arraed Soura.

Community: “The relationship of the believer with another believer is like (the bricks of) a building, each strengthens the other.".

We Believe That:

Originality is the basis of science.

Passion creates creativity.

Leadership requires effort and work.

Our first mission from the beginning is to focus on professional educational and professional educational production that meets the needs of educators in school and home.

Things we do

Educational Magazines

Bareed Al Muallim Magazine is a specialized educational journal that publishes five issues a year. Bareed Al Ansheta is a periodical journal that contains targeted educational activities that enhance the child's skills and encourage him to learn cheerfully all the time.

Wall Displays

Educational Tools, Educational instructions posters from the educator without direct guidance, urging the implementation of duties in an attractive and interesting presentation of the child.

Children Stories

We care about our stories to be educational ... purposeful ... distinct ... attractive ... respects the child's mind and spirit.

Educational books and periodicals

Provide scientific materials simply with the concern to employ the latest findings of the science of output techniques and theories of color and image and the use of tables and educational maps.