Dr. Wafa Mohammed Altajel


Brief About The Establisher

Founder and CEO of “Educators” for specialized educational publishing, professional consultations for nurseries, schools and agencies that support early childhood. She established the “Bareed Al Muallim” magazine in 2003, and she became the first Saudi editor for a special professional educational magazine, specializing in early education. She studied educational psychology, and became an educational consultant, researcher and trainer. She presented hundreds of courses and designed standards of thinking and educational programs. Also she represented Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in international forums as one of the pioneers in establishing a private entity that presents professional services to workers in the field of early childhood.

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PHD in (Educational Psychology),Founder and CEO of “Altarbaweyoon” educators Specialized Publishing & consultancies Est , she is the founded of “Bareed Al Muallim” year 2002, She was the first female Saudi chief editor of an early learning magazine, She is a researcher and consultant in the early learning education field with experience exceeding 24 years now, She has a number of published books, She proudly represented KSA in international forums as one of the pioneers in establishing A private entity providing professional services to early childhood field.

She worked as a kindergarten teacher, a supervisor, then a lecturer and cooperating trainer at King Saud University.
She established “Educators” for specialized educational publishing, from which she published “Bareed Al Muallim” magazine, and she is its editor. She is the first female editor-in-chief for a professional educational magazine (Bareed Al Muallim 1423-2002) until now.

CEO of “Educators” for Publishing and Distribution is a writer and author of children's stories, an educator who wrote has a number of books and guides and other translated books.

A certified trainer in many local and international centers. She attended many specialized training courses and workshops in the professional and educational fields in Arabic and English. In turn, she presented more than 1000 training programs and meetings over 22 years. During this time, she provided many training courses and seminars in government and private schools, charitable and public lectures and seminars locally and internationally. She has many scientific contributions (papers and workshops) and attended local and international conferences and exhibitions. She prepared and presented radio programs (education, teaching, and educational circles), and also has appeared in many local and international media channels, and provided educational consultations to many private and governmental entities.

She supervised on the first International Forum on Child Culture in 2011 and presented a paper for Ministry of Culture and Media in the mission of “Successful Experiment”. She represented KSA with Ministry of Culture and Media in the cultural days in childhood education in Egypt and Bahrain. In 2017, she supervised on the preparation of the National Guide for children's culture and Media in KSA.

She is a member of Business Women Committee at the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh in its seventh session 2016-2019. She was a member of Training Committee in the Chamber of Commerce 2014, and a member of the Board of Directors of Sanad Association for Supporting Children with Cancer 2009-2014 as well as . She developer their educational program in medical centers. She was also a member in Book Fair Committee in 2009-2010. A member of Experts Commission for Studying Arabic Reading held by Aramco in 2013. A member of Early Childhood Association in 2011. A member of Bunyan Charitable Society in 2012. An active member of many charities and government and private entities as well as a cooperative advisor in many entities.

She designed more than 45 different programs and study groups for educators and teachers on the locally and internationally. The most famous one is the series (Keys to Control Behavior for a Successful Educator). She designed programs for reading readiness for Arabic language (Listen … Observe … and Learn) in the kindergarten, faith education program and mediate Holy Quran, as well as “My Jewelery” program for moral education, and programs to develop children thinking called (Thinking Umbrellas). She designed the program called “Small Critic”, and designed reading readiness for Arabic language (Listen … Observe … and Learn). Follow me on social media.

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