Mofakeroon Programs

Intellectuals are the backbone of the nation, the engine of its renaissance, and the builders of its future. We provide knowledge and develop a skill in order to create a generation of Arabic and Islamic intellectuals who is aware and ready for challenges.

About Mofakeroon
  • From 2009 until now, we specialized in designing and providing enrichment programs for children after school.
  • In Intellectuals, we work in holiday seasons, weekends and evening hours after school. We provide our services in schools, centers and where the kids are
  • We made memories and placed distinctive bases of our intellectuals who participated with us in previous seasons.
  • We hope that our services reach the largest possible number of children.
  • We invest the children time in useful and constructive subjects.
  • We encourage feeling of responsibility and support personality.
  • We think with the child and for him.
  • Together we have fun, we play, we talk, share in order to recognize, know, and learn.
  • We are proud to know that an intellectual join the forum more than once.
  • We work hard in order to gain a cultural stockpile that adds to the scientific
  • thinker and distinguishes his giving for his nation in the future.

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