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Educators tries seriously to offer the best and most valuable books, stories and construction materials for the educational and school community.

Bareed Al Muallim Magazine is a specialized educational Magazine that issues five volumes yearly. Bareed Al Ansheta is a magazine that includes educational activities that aim to enhance the child skills and encourage him to learn with fun all the time.


Educational instructions posters from the educator that encourage the children to do the assignments without direct guidance in way that attracts the child.


We keen to make out stories educational, purposeful, distinct; attractive and respects the child's mind and spirit.

Books & Manuals

Present the scientific materials in a simple way considering the updated tools of production like technologies, color and picture methods and using the educational tables and maps.

Best Seller


Here you will find the most popular stories, books and educational materials

Sons of the Moon - Fourth Edition

22.00 ر.س49.00 ر.س

Sun Children

22.00 ر.س49.00 ر.س

Choose the Educational Tools and How to use it

60.00 SAR

The Idol

40.00 SAR

Manual of Teaching Children “Six Hats Thinking Methodology”

35.00 ر.س50.00 ر.س

Story “Good Deeds Farm”

11.00 ر.س15.00 ر.س

Story “What Dirt do”

17.00 ر.س25.00 ر.س

Story "Saadoun & Maymoun"

11.00 ر.س15.00 ر.س

"Listen ... Observe ... and Learn" Program

Program to teach reading readiness skills for kindergarten children from 3-5 years old.